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Describe the problem you are having in as much detail as possible:

What happens when try to use your mobile device and what do you believe caused this problem? Please explain the problem you are having in as much detail as possible.*

What are the most important files or file types that you need to be recovered? What is deemed critical to you? Please give us as much information as possible.*

What attempts have you or anybody else made to recover the data so far.*


3Which Service would you like?

Not Urgent

$59 per month x 12 or $650 single payment.

The average turnaround time is 2-3 weeks for non-urgent jobs. This is ideal if you have lost photos or files of sentimental value but is not required urgently. If we cannot recover your data, you pay nothing!


$137.50 per month x 12 or $1500 single payment.

We will work on YOUR phone 1st, before all other Economy service customers. Only Emergency service jobs will go ahead of yours. You will get your data back faster. If we cannot recover your data, you pay nothing!

Super Urgent!

$229.16 per month x 12 or $2500 single payment.

Your data recovery job will be given the highest priority status, Emergency status! We will work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will work all day, every day including weekends and public holidays and spare no expense to speed up the data recovery process as fast as humanly possible. The result will be the same as the Economy and Priority Service but we will get your data back as fast as possible. If we cannot recover your data, you pay nothing!


About our special case lab service: If for any reason the data is not recoverable at the quoted prices on this page, our special lab services may be offered to you as an optional upgrade service at additional cost if the data is not recoverable for any reason that we believe we may be able to find a custom solution or try an experimental method with our permission. Special case lab projects always take a lot longer but in an effort to help you and get your data back, we will try very hard and put the time and extreme level of hard work and effort to attempt this work as a research project to help you. The costs for these difficult tasks can range from $650 to $2000 extra if required. This is only offered to less than 5% of our clients.


4How would you like your data back? (the cost of an external hard drive is in addition to the cost of our data recovery service.)

Free option:

Please send this device to us with your device at the same time to avoid any delays in getting your data copied.
Note: We DO NOT accept USB flash drives / Pen drives for recovered data.

Alternatively, we offer the following external hard drives:

Note: The brands we provide do vary based on availability but it will usually be Toshiba, Western Digital or Seagate.
Important: For all brands and sizes of hard drives we sell, There is no protection or warranty cover for data loss/data recovery costs. Always backup the data we provide you within 2 days of receiving it from us to avoid future data loss from any data storage device we provide. All prices advertised include GST.

Would you like to purchase a second disk of the same kind so you will be provided with 2 copies of your data?


Will you be using recovered data on Mac or Windows?


5Additional information

What Brand is your phone? *

What model is your phone? *


What level of work do you give us permission to for you? 

This usually involves repairs to the logic board/components on the electronics, repairs and modifications that will ALWAYS void the warranty and all support provided to by the manufacturer or retailer you purchased your phone from. If you select this option, we will always give you the option to return the phone to you after our work is completed but be aware that the warranty and all support will be voided.

Important note: The screen may become cracked/damaged and there may be cosmetic damage to your phone in rare cases, this will always be avoided but we will not be liable for the replacement cost or repair cost if this occurs or in the case that the warranty is voided due to our work. Our goal is to get your files back/photos back - not to give the phone back in any state so you can claim a warranty/free replacement.


If you give us your approval now, we will get this work finished faster and with a better chance of success for you. If you do NOT, we may have to stop work and seek your permission if this service is required. Select this option only If you do NOT want the damaged phone back and do NOT need ANY part of it back. If you select this option, you cannot change your mind or ask for your phone or parts of your phone back later.

The reason is that more advanced methods to recover your data including the removal of the memory chip, performing proprietary methods (top secret!) to recover your data and do whatever it takes to recover your data without any delay of contacting you to seek your approval if this is needed, we'll just get into it and get started. The reason your phone will not be returned is that these methods are not known to other companies in our field and we cannot risk them learning how we do 'the impossible'.

Important Reminder: If you select this option, you will NOT get your phone back or any parts of it, regardless of the outcome (i.e if the data is recoverable and even if it is NOT recoverable). We will NOT return the phone to you under any circumstances, or ANY of the parts of the phone (even if you asked for this to any of our staff, emailed us or were promised this from anybody at our company). You cannot change your mind, call us or contact us later to reverse this decision. No part of your phone will be returned to you regardless of the outcome, once we start this work - we cannot put your phone back together or put the parts back on the phone without substantial additional time and labour which will not do.


6Terms and conditions of service

I acknowledge that the data recovery process will void my warranty and will not hold Payam Data Recovery liable for any reason due to warranty or hardware support being void/lost or damage of any kind to the screen or cosmetic damage of any kind to the phone. I will not seek any payment, compensation, replacement or repair cost of any kind from Payam Data Recovery under any circumstance


I am the owner of this device, I can provide you with proof and ID if required.
Note: If you are NOT the owner of this service, we will refuse to provide this service to you due to privacy laws we cannot recover data if the device is not yours. Even if it belongs to a family member or employee.


I know my PIN/Passcode/code, Apple ID password and iTunes Backup Encryption Password (if applicable) to unlock and backup the phone, and I DO agree to pay you if I do not give you the correct code/passwords to unlock the device.
Note: If we can repair the fault but unable to unlock the device due to not being provided with the correct code/password, I agree to pay the completion/total price quoted (even if the data cannot be recovered). If you do not know your PIN/Passcode/password or refuse to give it to us, do not proceed any further. We require payment within 7 days if this scenario occurs. Reminder: If the device does not belong to you, do not send it to us! We will refuse service.
Click here to see more information regarding iTunes Backup Encryption Passwords.


I understand this is NOT a forensic service and will not try to use it as such.
Payam Data Recovery will not provide me with any report or statement will be provided regardless of the outcome under any circumstances. I agree NOT to request this. This is for data recovery work being requested is for private use only, NOT for legal action of any kind now or in the future. If you require the data to be used as evidence in court, please find a company specializing in computer/mobile phone forensics. We are a data recovery company, we do not wish to be involved in court cases/legal action of any kind.


I agree to pay you within 14 days of completion of the data recovery work, If I do pay late, I agree to pay the late payment fees below:
If you pay us after 14 days, a late payment fee of 10% applies. If the payment is still due at 30 days, 15% will be added and at 45 days, 20% will be added unless this is waived due to special circumstances by our staff prior to approving the quote. We promise to do the work you ask us to do, we do expect prompt payment for our work. If you do not pay us within 60 days, a debt collector will be used, and you will be charged an additional 25% fee by the debt collector. This 25% fee of the invoice will be billed to the client and will not paid by Payam Data Recovery. To avoid ALL of these additional fees, please pay us within 14 days.


7Discounts or special offers

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