Submit a job

Submit a job

If you would like to deliver your device to us to start the data recovery process, please submit a new job online by selecting your device type below. No payment is required at this stage. If you are not ready to deliver your device to us yet and would like to request a quote instead, please go to this form.

Once we get all your contact details, information about the most important files you need to be recovered, you will be provided with a job number and a PDF file to print out, please deliver this ‘submit a job form’ that you will be provided with your device to our office ASAP.

You will NOT be asked for any payment (unless you ask for our urgent/emergency service), and you only pay us if we can recover your data at the end. If you have a spare hard drive to save your files to, please deliver it to us at the same time of the faulty device or we will charge an additional fee to supply an external hard drive for you by default unless you provide us with one from the start.

After you submit this form, you will be provided with 2 things:

  • A ‘submit a job’ form – This is a PDF file that will show your Job number with us. Please print this page and include it with your device when you deliver it to us in person or by post/courier.
  • An address label, this is for your convenience and is optional. Please use this if you are sending your device to us by post or courier to save you time on labelling the parcel. It will show our delivery address and your contact details as the sender. This is not pre-paid, it’s just a label to save you time.
Important: Please do not bring a computer, laptop, iMac, NAS/Server to our office. We only require the data storage device (e.g HDD/SSD), if you are not sure how to remove this yourself, please ask a computer shop/IT professional to do it for you.

Select your device type below to get started

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