HDD to SSD Cloning

Payam Data Recovery has state of the art, world class, hardware based imaging tools that are usually used for data recovery from failing/damaged hard disk drives.

We can also use these tools to profesionally clone, sector-by-sector an entire hard disk drive (from sector 0 to the last sector of the drive) to an SSD in the most complete way possible compared to software methods.

We recommend you purchase an SSD bigger than the size of your existing hard disk drive, then provide the hard disk drive (of any type, brand or interface) to us with the new SSD. We will clone all data from the hard drive to the SSD.

This service is only for a working hard disk drive, not a faulty hard drive. If your hard drive has failed or has any problems, please contact us to ask about our data recovery services.

Note: Any data on the SSD will be erased/overwritten so please only provide an SSD that is new or blank.

The cost for this service is $100 inc GST.
This service is normally completed within 24 hours on average.

If you have a hard disk drive that you wish to clone to a smaller SSD, we can use specialised software that will detect and clone only the Windows operating system files, applications and user data to the new SSD (smaller in size than your hard drive) and resize the partitions so that your SSD will act as a working replacement for your hard disk drive. All other data will NOT be copied. The purpose of this is for some of our clients who are seeking an HDD to SSD Operating system migration to simply speed up their computer. We do not recommend as there is a chance of some problems with software, instability in the new system running with a SSD. Many people find this method works without any problems, we recommend buying a bigger SSD (and clone to the bigger SSD). This software migration method can take 2-3 days instead or 1 day for a standard hard drive to SSD cloning method.

Bulk discounts are available if we clone more than 10 hard drives as part of a single project for you.

Ready to get started? Simply deliver your hard drive and SSD to our office. We will ask you for this payment only with the work is completed. If you require return delivery by courier/post – the return delivery fee is $20. International delivery costs are higher.

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