Backup Tape degaussing

Backup tape degaussing service

Do you have old computer backup tapes that you would like disposed of in a secure way? We can help!

Our Auckland data recovery lab has a state-of-the-art degausser that will securely erase all data from the tapes, even if they are faulty or damaged. This is a popular service we offer to law enforcement, government departments, legal and medical professionals. It is important that you know that the tape will not only be erased, but will no longer work and cannot be read or new data copied to it.

How much does it cost?

The cost is $5 inc GST per tape.

We can also erase data from hard drives using our degausser too, at the same cost.

This can be done while you wait, you can even watch it being done. We do not outsource this work, it gets done at our Auckland lab by our own staff.

We can provide a document of destruction if required. Simply let us know your requirements.

Ready to get started?

Deliver your tapes to our Auckland office in person or deliver it by post or courier. Include your contact details and instructions that you would like the tapes to be degaussed. International customers are welcome!

Our address is:

Payam Data Recovery Limited
Suite 1007, Level 10, 300 Queen Street
Auckland CBD, 1010
New Zealand

Once we receive it, we will contact you and ask you for your credit card details or provide with you with our bank account details. Once the payment is made, we’ll start work and then send you a certificate of destruction as per your requirements at no extra cost.

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